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Eco-Friendly Hotels in Guatemala

Sustainable Hotels in Porta Hotels

Porta Hotels’ operations are based on three fundamental principles of sustainability: business, cultural and environmental, seeking thereby to reduce the negative impacts that may be caused to the environment, thus guaranteeing our clients develop a quality destination, ensuring development opportunities to our employees and future generations.

Porta Hotels is committed to remaining one of the most sustainable hotel collections in Guatemala with a range of innovative, green-friendly features, programs and initiatives. In the daily operations and design plans of each of our hotels, we consistently strive to minimize our carbon footprint and preserve and protect the precious natural resources of our surroundings for future generations.

Thanks to the efforts we have made, four of our six hotels (Porta Hotel Antigua, Casa Encantada, Porta Hotel del Lago and Hotel Pan American) have been certified by Rainforest Alliance. We are working hard to certify them all and we do hope to achieve it soon.