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Discover Guatemala's Rich Cultural Attractions

A man standing amidst a cobblestone street
The Lake Atitlan region, including Panajachel and Antigua Guatemala, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a rich tapestry of experiences. Explore historic churches, visit museums, savor local cuisine, hike volcanoes, and immerse yourself in Mayan culture.
Behold a mesmerizing aerial perspective of Guatemala City

Antigua Guatemala

Discover the heart of Antigua Guatemala's historic charm. Explore cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, and a vibrant atmosphere filled with shops, cafes, and cultural treasures.
Tranquil setting displaying a tree gracefully fading into the distant view

Parque Central

Parque Central, located at the heart of Antigua Guatemala, is a bustling square surrounded by historic landmarks and colorful buildings. It's a vibrant gathering place for locals and visitors, offering street performances and a glimpse into the city's rich heritage.
A charming narrow street lined with vibrant buildings in Guatemala

Santa Catalina Arch

The Santa Catalina Arch, an iconic symbol of Antigua Guatemala, spans 5th Avenue North. This yellow archway once connected a convent to a school, and, today, it frames stunning views of Volcán de Agua, adding a touch of history to the city's streets.
A mountainous landscape with a yellow building and a prominent tower at Guatemala

La Merced Church (Iglesia de La Merced)

La Merced Church is an architectural masterpiece, known for its baroque-style facade and intricate stucco work. Built in the 18th century, it features a stunning interior with religious artifacts and beautiful altars. Visitors are captivated by its serene courtyard and the breathtaking view of the nearby Agua Volcano.
The Church of San Jose de Guatemala

San Francisco Church (Iglesia de San Francisco)

The San Francisco Church, dating back to the 16th century, is one of Antigua's oldest and most important churches. Its impressive yellow facade and twin bell towers are iconic. Inside, you'll find a tranquil courtyard and a small museum with religious art and artifacts.
Guatemala, The beautiful Cathedral of San José

Cathedral of San José (Catedral de San José)

The Cathedral of San José is a significant religious site in Antigua Guatemala. Originally constructed in the 16th century, it has undergone various renovations due to earthquake damage. Today, its ruins showcase the grandeur of the past, and visitors can explore its hauntingly beautiful arches and bell towers.
A grand historic edifice, embodying a sense of timeless magnificence

San Agustín Church (Iglesia de San Agustín)

San Agustín Church is a charming colonial-era church known for its simple yet elegant architecture. It features a beautiful courtyard garden and a serene atmosphere, making it a peaceful place for reflection. The church's history is intertwined with Antigua Guatemala's rich cultural heritage.
A variety of exquisite chocolates are beautifully presented in elegantly arranged trays

Chocolate Museum (Museo del Chocolate)

The Chocolate Museum offers a delectable journey into the world of chocolate-making. Visitors can learn about the history of cacao, see the chocolate-making process, and even participate in chocolate-making workshops. Don't forget to try the artisanal chocolates and beverages on offer.
A vibrant array of decorative scarves showcasing an impressive variety of colors

Chichicastenango Market (Mercado de Chichicastenango)

Chichicastenango Market, located a short drive from Antigua Guatemala, is one of Central America's largest and most vibrant markets. Open on Thursdays and Sundays, it's a treasure trove of indigenous crafts, textiles, pottery, and fresh produce. Immerse yourself in Guatemalan culture amid the colorful stalls.
Guatemala, A vibrant display of intricate stitches and vivid hues

Museo Casa Del Tejido Antiguo (House Of Antique Weaving Museum)

This museum celebrates Guatemala's rich textile heritage. Explore exhibitions showcasing traditional weaving techniques, intricate textiles, and Mayan clothing. Visitors gain insight into the artistry and cultural significance of Guatemalan textiles.
San Juan La Laguna in Guatemala

San Juan La Laguna

The main one of the magical towns around the lake because of its color, street of umbrellas, art galleries, associations of weaving women, the picturesque Kaqasiiwaan viewpoint that is located to closely appreciate the Mayan Face.
A gray stone with a smooth texture and irregular shape at Guatemala, Central America

Jade Museum And Factory (Museo Del Jade)

Discover the allure of jade at the Jade Museum and Factory. Marvel at exquisite jade artifacts and learn about the significance of jade in Mayan culture. Watch skilled artisans create jade jewelry and browse the gift shop for unique pieces to take home.
Various vibrant clothing and accessories at a bustling market, Guatemala, Central America

The Mercado (Central Market)

The Mercado is Antigua Guatemala's bustling central market, offering a sensory feast of sights, sounds, and flavors. Explore rows of stalls selling fresh produce, local crafts, textiles, and traditional street food. It's a vibrant place to immerse yourself in local culture.
Scenic ruins of San Juan de la Barca Monastery in San Juan

Convento De Las Capuchinas

The convent of Las Capuchinas was seriously damaged by an earthquake in 1773 and was abandoned for two centuries. Painstaking renovations in recent years allow visitors to get a glimpse at what life was like for the convent's nuns. Sumptuous weddings are currently taking place there.
A diverse assortment of food arranged in a bowl in Guatemala, Central America

Caoba Farms

Caoba Farms is a sustainable, organic farm located on the shores of Lake Atitlan. Visitors can enjoy guided tours of the farm, learn about organic agriculture, and dine at the on-site restaurant that serves farm-to-table cuisine.
In Guatemala, a cross casts its shadow in front of a striking volcanic landscape

Cerro De La Cruz

Cerro de la Cruz offers panoramic views of Antigua Guatemala and its surrounding volcanoes. Visitors can hike up to the viewpoint, which is easily accessible from the city center, and enjoy breathtaking vistas of the historic city and its natural beauty.
An architectural gem featuring a charming building with arched windows in Guatemala, Central America

Convento Santa Clara

The Convento Santa Clara is a historic convent in Antigua Guatemala, known for its well-preserved architecture and beautiful courtyard. It offers a glimpse into the colonial past of the city and provides a serene atmosphere for exploration.
San Antonio Palopó in Guatemala

San Antonio Palopó

Its tranquility is a great attraction for many visitors. Beautiful ceramic pieces are made here and from the viewpoint you enjoy a spectacular view from another perspective of the "Sleeping Elephant" as they call the Cerro de Oro.
An elegantly designed white house featuring wooden doors and windows in Guatemala

Casa Popenoe

Casa Popenoe is a historic house that offers a glimpse into colonial-era Antigua Guatemala. It features well-preserved architecture and beautiful gardens, making it an ideal place to learn about the city's history and architecture.
Guatemala A view of the ancient church ruins, showcasing the remnants of a bygone era, Central America

La Recolección

La Recolección is a historic church and former monastery in Antigua Guatemala. While the church was severely damaged by earthquakes, its ruins provide an opportunity to appreciate the grandeur of colonial religious architecture.
Scenic backdrop of majestic mountain towering in the distance in Guatemala

Volcán De Agua

Volcan de Agua, or volcano of water, is one of the three iconic volcanoes that surround Antigua Guatemala. While visitors can't enter the volcano, its majestic presence adds to the stunning natural landscape of the city.
A stunning aerial view of Guatemala City, showcasing its breathtaking urban landscape

Paseo De Los Museos

Paseo De Los Museos is a cultural and artistic space in Antigua Guatemala that houses various museums and art galleries. Visitors can explore exhibitions showcasing the rich heritage and creativity of the region.