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Over the centuries, Guatemala has been at the center of many of humankind’s most important accomplishments or events on multiple occasions. It is a land full of beautiful natural wonders, incredible landscapes and jaw-dropping architecture as well as cultural and ethnical diversity. But most important of all, it’s a country with grateful and generous people. This is a place where all who visit have a great desire to return because they leave with a feeling that somehow their life has been enriched by the cultural experience, the people they’ve met, the things and places they’ve seen, the different sounds of life they’ve heard or the cuisine they’ve tasted. Here, you will delight all of your senses and maybe discover some you never imagined.

It is a deeply mystical land nestled in the cradle of numerous volcanoes and countless legends. The Maya civilization and Spanish Conquistadores are preserved in the majestic art, architecture and way of life.  As a destination that has only recently begun to reveal its closely held secrets to outsiders, it is a place the well-traveled truly enjoy exploring. Perhaps it’s even one of the last regions that is still true to itself. At Porta Hotels, we welcome guests seeking to be immersed in our one-of-a-kind destination. Whether in the enchanting, historical, world-renowned UNESCO declared World Heritage Site city of Antigua or Guatemala City or the mystical and impressive highlands that guard the gorgeous Lake Atitlán in Panajachel, we’ll enhance your Guatemalan experience during your holiday and ensure that you fall in love with this country.

Beyond our luxury hotels, gourmet cuisine and world-class amenities, we will help you experience vibrant places with their own tales to impart. Wherever your explorations take you, you’ll be presented with limitless chances to savor a globally robust food scene, wander into unexpected, awe-inspiring spots and mingle with people of extraordinary warmth. In short, you’ll become captivated by this wonderful journey and create your very own story.

Discover genuine Guatemalan hospitality that is as alluring as our surroundings at Porta Hotels.

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